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SERP Sculpting by iProtego

The e-reputation cleaning missions can be articulated around a work of SERP Sculpting.

SERPs mean the result pages of a search engine on a specific query and play a key role in managing e-reputation because they determine the degree of visibility of a page or a online document on specific keywords.

The SERP Sculpting process, a method developed by iProtego agency, consists in sculpting and shaping these results pages in such a way as to increase the visibility of its considered as positive and minimize those considered as negative. Above all, it allows that the overall vision released by the SERP of Google is reassuring for net users.

Define a topic

First, it’s important to define precisely the topic to create new content or promote existing one. This theme must be chosen with rigor because it’ll allow us to position ourselves on the keywords related to the requests concerned by the e-reputation cleaning.

For that, it’s necessary to take time to document yourself by consulting for example specialized sites on the chosen subject or e-books. Furthermore, various tools help identify keywords such as Google Suggest, Trend or Adwords and structure the semantic cocoon to develop the SERP Sculpting strategy.

Semantic cocoon ft. Content creation & referencing

The semantic cocoon allows to contextualize precisely a site and apply the « funnel technique » i.e. from the most general to the most precise. It’ll also help define the internal mesh of the site, an important point to be properly referenced.

Within the framework of Sculpting, we are led to create several types of contents : fictitious profiles on social networks and directories (Twitter,, Aliaz, Pinterest, etc.), sites and blogs in the name of the person or the company, or on a virtual homonym… This is, in order to position oneself on the relevant keywords to « compete » with bad content and minimize the visibility of its.

Another crucial element to see well referenced content : backlinks (external links pointing to the content to promote). Posting comments on external articles (preferably related to the Sculpting topic, to stay positionned on the right keywords) can be a good way to create backlinks. It’s also necessary to be attentive to the intern mesh of the various pages on our created sites (links between the pages), which makes it possible to create the semantic cocoon.

SERP Sculpting VS Burying

Regarding content management techniques on search engines, especially to remove harmful pages, you have probably heard about the so-called « burying » technique used by many e-reputation agencies. This is similar to the SERP Sculpting method used by iProtego. But what are the real differences between these two processes ?

As its name indicates, burying consists in burying or drowning the contents whose visibility we want to decrease on a search expression. To do this, a lot of new contents are created / published and very quickly, like a big wave, to take the place of negative pages among Google results. This creation of contents is most often partially automated thanks to software. In fact, the pages are created easily but the content of those is poor in quality (not very relevant with the treated topic, repetitive…).

Buyring has the advantage of giving a rather rapied effect but the disadvantage come next… Some time after the publication of the pages, when the Google algorithm (and its robots) will analyze them, their relevance will be questionned : these new contents risk losing their place because they won’t be sufficiently qualitative to be put forward and the negative contents will recover their inital position. In other words, the done work will have been useful only for a limited period and back to square one. This method doesn’t allow to obtain effective and sustainable results.

SERP Sculpting is a method that requires more time ; the first effects are usually visible within 3 months but we extend our work over 12 months. Indeed, we don’t automate any content creation : all blogs or social networks are fed by content written manually each day by our e-reputation experts and according to the guidelines defined with our client at the beginning of the mission. Thus, the revelance of the content is optimal and the effects lasting. The contents will remain above the negative results and will also act as a virtual barrier to limit the effects of a possible future recurrence, once our work is finished.

So, if you want a Google page sculpted according to your wishes, with quality content, opt for the SERP Sculpting and the Digital Shield offer from iProtego !