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What’s the word cloud for ? Where did those words come from ?

When creating your diagnosis, Osculteo generates a cloud composed of words (e.g. GoogleMii cloud).

This is made of words that are the most commonly associated and the visible terms when searching your name on Google or any other search engine. Thus, you can see at a glance what is said about you on the web: the colors allow you to quickly identify potentially negative terms and the different word sizes enable you to know if the term is very visible among the content available on your name.

Moreover, by clicking on each word, you can consult the list of websites (URL) from which those words are from and thus go back to the source.

The selection and qualification of the most significant terms about you is important: it enables Osculteo’s artificial intelligence to get to know you and to exclude as well as possible any homonyms to focus only on the protection of your online reputation.