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I asked for a web page to be deleted and now?

You just validated your deletion request, and now? When we acknowledge your deletion request, here are the following actions that will be performed :

  • Identificating the author or, in case that information is missing, the publisher of the website
  • Sending a deletion / modification request through different ways (up to 5 reminders)
  • Checking regularly  the situation of the deletion / modification
  • Contacting search engines (including Google) to request deindexation of the result concerned

At any time during the deletion process, we may ask you to provide proof of your identity in order to fulfill your request. Indeed, the publisher of the website concerned by your request is entitled to need :

  • A photocopy of your identity card
  • A warrant authorizing us to take these actions on your behalf

Please note: a website publisher, within the framework of an amicable process like ours, has a maximum legal period of 2 months to respond to this type of request and process it. That is why we give ourselves the same deadline to positively complete the mission you have entrusted to us !

You can also follow the progress of your request via the Osculteo interface and the Cleaning menu.

Of course, our team is also at your disposal for any question before or after your purchase.