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What is identity theft ?

Definition of identity theft 


Identity theft is the term used to mean pretending to be someone else, withou their prior consent, by using their personal information. The purpose of this action is most for harmful and deceptive actions. Here are some cases often encountered : taking out a credit, a subscription or an online account using the personal data of others (name, first name, telephone number, etc.), damaging a person’s reputation by signing a writing in his name (emails, publications, comments, etc.).

The desire to damage a person’s reputation by using identity theft is characteristic of cyber-bullying.

The usurpers use the victims’ data to take advantage of the financial benefits they offer. That may involve reselling this data to companies and organizations or using individual information, sometimes secret information, such as a credit card number.


Avoiding this problem

Protecting yourself above all by protecting your data on the Internet.

For that, it’s very important to communicate it only when the site is reliable, answering to legal CGU and CGV and that you accept as for your personal data. This can avoid unpleasant surprises. It isn’t uncommun to hear people say they’re afraid to dial their credit card number to order online.

To overcome this worr and encourage the confidence of Internet users, e-commerce sites offert hem to pay with Paypal (secure online payment services) or secure URLs (signified by https) to pay by card directly and securely.