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What is digital identity ?

Digital identity definition


The digital identity of a person or a brand is the identity it maintains on the Web.

It’s born from present information resulting from a query on a search engine and associated with it. For example, we can access a person’s digital identity by searching their first and last name on Google (or thanks to Osculteo 😁).

Digital identity’s characteristics

This identity forms when you communicate data to sites or persons on the Web. Without even wanting to, by accepting Cookies at the entrance of a site or by communicating your e-mail address, some of your information remains more or less visible, indelible.

This information can inform your tastes, your interets, your socio-professional activities, your ideas, etc. We think in particular of the advertising pop-ups appearing on the side of our screens, offering us similar products to a search done previously, or the spam that we receive on our mailbox.