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How can you be visible to recruiters

Today, 90% of recruiters google candidates to learn more about potential employees during the recruitment process.

According to a study by Link Humans, « professional networks like LinkedIn and Viadeo are widely used ; 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit but also to check profiles ». It is therefore also very important to monitor and optimize your professional networks to make a good impression on your interlocutor.

To promote its employability, it’s strongly advised to do a word of watch on Internet, protection and maintenance of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page or page of results) on its first name and surname ; thanks to Osculteo for example !

Moreover, even if the CV remains the main trigger for a job interview, social networks are growing.

Indeed, they are not only a means of verification for the potential employer but also a channel of contact for the job seeker : according to a study of Page Personnel, candidates who applied with professional social networks get an interview in 33% of cases.

Your e-reputation is your best ally to find a job, take care of it ! 🙂