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Data leakage

Without being aware of it or contributing to it, the use we make of the Internet generates a very large amount of computer data about us. Involuntarily, we are suppliers at the core of a real data market. This leak results in the possession and sale of data by Web users without their knowledge. This is illegal and punishable by the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés).

These data leak are common, especially concerning our email addresses or mobile numbers. This can be seen when unknown numbers (canvassing, advertising, polling…) call, or by the reception of many spams on mailboxes. These inconveniences range from the importance of the acceptance or not of the CGU (General Conditions of Use), CGV (General Conditions of Sale) or Cookies at the entrance of a website. Indeed, it allows us to be aware of what the website can do with our data if we accept and provide them. If the user ignores or accepts these conditions, it’s possible that the said data leak is legitimate and lawful. In fact, the user can give his consent to provide such information and allow the site to communicate them.

Digital identity is literally precious because it can be exchanged, ranging from 1 to 450 dollars depending on the data collected and transmitted (name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, credit card number…) and the person concerned (VIP, natural or legal person).

The collection of these data allows a profiling of the users and is a real gold mine from a marketing point of view. Indeed, its allow to evaluates and analyse their tastes, their buying habits, place of residence… Thus, companies will be able to propose products and offers corresponding to these criteria. This practice, although legal but intrusive, is worrying. The risk being to get hacked and steal important and confidential data. Identity theft is also on of the risks to be taken into account since the data collected and/or sold may be used by malicious persons. For example, these data can be found online in web directories.